Baggage and cargo trailers are used for bulk handling of airside luggage and air freight. Built with the rigorous demand of the busiest Airport Baggage Handling environments in mind, we offer a 3 year warranty as standard.

Industrial Towable Trailers

A number of our baggage and cargo trailers feature industrial towing hitches. Towing hitches allow the trolley to be towed around site by management vehicles, and often feature rear towing hitches to allow multiple trailers to be pulled in a chain.

Roller Bed ULD Trailers

Some baggage trailers are available with roller beds, allowing easy transport of Unit Load Devices (ULD's) for freight, luggage, or mail in wide-body aircraft as well as some narrow body aircraft. These trailers are available to suit both container and pallet styles of ULD's, and are designed for swift and safe off loading to help ensure the fastest turnarounds seamlessly, safely and securely with minimal fuss. Quality build and design ensure minimal maintenance and downtime. We have shown in this collection our standard GSE equipment however with our own inhouse design and manufacturing facilities we are perfectly placed to work on a bespoke solutions and projects.

Materials, construction, and finish

Built for a range of capacities and sizes, our luggage trailers are constructed to an industrial quality and are available in a range of heavy duty materials and finishes. Made to the highest quality, these trolleys can be constructed from and finished in standard mild steel with a Powdercoat finish, galvanised, stainless, or Bright Zinc Plated steel.

Bespoke Baggage and Cargo Trailers

As a manufacturer, Handle-iT can design and manufacture baggage and cargo trailers to meet your exact requirements. Anything from simple changes to sizes and dimension through to weight capacity requirements and different finishes, or even weird and wonderful. Handle-iT has the experience and the facilities to help you bring your original idea through prototyping and on to full scale production with delivery direct to your doorstep.

  • Porters Trolley For Airports Porters Trolley For Airports Image coming soon

    Porters Trolley For Airports

    The Porters Trolley is an important tool in airports, for porting customer luggage at VIP points. With a 1500kg capacity on the Aluminium Centre Castor with Polyurethane Tyres option, the trolley is highly durable and can handle almost any load. Its...

    Capacity: 1500kg
    Base Length: 1200mm
    Base Width: 800mm
    Wheel Diameter: 160mm
    Wheel Type: Aluminium Polyurethane
    £1,096.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £914.00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Electric Tow Tug for Warehouses Operator pulling electric tow tug Image coming soon


    Electric Tow Tug for Warehouses | 1500kg Capacity

    The Electric Tow Tug is designed for use in warehouses to assist with transport of other loads. The universal hitch allows the operator to attach the tow tug to any suitable trolley, dolly, platform truck, or similar wheeled unit, allowing it to be...

    Finish: Safety Yellow (RAL 1003)
    Chassis Material: Steel
    Capacity: 1500kg
    £4,192.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £3,494.00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Platform Baggage Trailer Image coming soon

    Platform Baggage Trailer

    This platform baggage trailer is our entry level baggage trailer, designed for transporting bulk quantities of loose luggage around site. While there is nothing fancy about this, this baggage trailer is still a serious bit of kit, designed to take over...

    Capacity: 1500kg
    Part Number: HI-ABT-04
    Wheel Type: Solid
    Wheel Diameter: 400mm
    Base Length: 2500mm
    £9,232.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £7,694.00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Baggage Handling Trailer with Retractable Awnings Image coming soon

    Baggage Handling Trailer with Retractable Awnings

    This Baggage Handling Trailer features retractable awnings, retaining sides and fixed end panelling. The baggage trailers retractable awning covered roof protects the carried baggage from the rain and showers. The roof can be deployed quickly and...

    Capacity: 2000kg
    Base Length: 2500mm
    Base Width: 1150mm
    Frame: 100mm Box Section
    Awning: 160gsm Tarpaulin
    £10,228.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £8,524.00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Airport Baggage Trailer with Canvas Sides Image coming soon

    Airport Baggage Trailer with Canvas Sides

    Airport Baggage Trailer with Canvas Sides: built to stand the test of time. Here at Handle-iT we know anything used by the baggage handling teams at any airport needs to be designed and built to perfection. Transporting high volumes of cargo around site...

    Capacity: 2000kg
    Wheel Diameter: 400mm
    Wheel Type: 100mm Tread Solid
    Base Length: 2500mm
    Base Width: 1250mm
    £10,552.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £8,794.00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • ULD Container Dolly Trailer | LD1/2/3 | 1600kg Capacity Image coming soon

    ULD Container Dolly Trailer | LD1/2/3 | 1600kg Capacity

    This container dolly is designed for loading of standard ULD containers of classes LD1, LD2, and LD3. The industrial frame is fitted with zinc-loaded rollers to allow easier and more efficient loading and offloading of loads. Industrial...

    Capacity: 1600kg
    Overall Length: 3650mm
    Overall Width: 1630mm
    Overall Height: 560mm
    Platform Length: 1920mm
    £11,284.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £9,404.00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Aviation Pallet Trailer | 7000kg Capacity Image coming soon

    Aviation Pallet Trailer | 7000kg Capacity

    Designed for easier handling of collection panelling and aviation containers, this pallet trailer can support a load of up to 7000kg. This particular model is designed to suit P1P, P6P, PMC, and PAJ collection panelling as well as LD1 and LD2 aviation...

    Capacity: 7000kg
    Overall Length: 4020mm
    Overall Width: 2600mm
    Overall Height: 1570mm
    Base Length: 3460mm
    £12,472.80 (Inc. VAT)
    £10,394.00 (Ex. VAT)
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