Manual Handling Risk Assessments and Checklists

Use these documents and guides to ensure that you operate and maintain your manual handling equipment safely and efficiently.

Adopting these practices in your business will make the work place safer and reduce the risk of injury 

Sack Trucks Safety Documents

Sack Truck Daily Check Sheet.pdf - Use this comprehensive checklist to ensure the safe operation of your sack trucks.

Sack Truck Risk Assessment.pdf - Free in depth Sack Truck risk assessment

Trolley and Platform Truck Safety Documents

Platform Truck Daily Check Sheet.pdf - Use this checklist to monitor the platform trucks

Trolley and Platform Truck Risk Assessment.pdf - Free in depth Platform Truck and Trolley risk assessment

Deadman Brake Trolley Maintenance Check Sheet.pdf - Maintenance check sheet for trolleys that utilise a Deadman Brake system. 

Wheel and Castor Safety Documents

Wheel Safety Check Sheet.pdf - Free check sheet for wheel maintenance.

Free Wheel Risk Assessment.pdf

Safety Steps and Mobile Steps Safety Documents

Mobile and Safety Step Daily Maintenance Sheet.pdf- Free daily maintenance checklist for our range of Mobile and Safety Steps