Sack Trucks and Sack Barrows, with the largest online offering, just click the categories to explore the range. Our highly trained and experienced sales team are on hand to ensure they help you find the safest choice, feel free to make contact either over phone or by email if you need any help or guidance.

All our Sack Trucks and Barrows come with safe working loads clearly visible and tested to ensure they meet the specified load capacities, which you would expect from one of the UK leading Manual Handling Equipment Companies. Risk Assessments provided FREE of charge on order to further highlight risks while using the Sack Trucks and Barrows

With a huge choice of handle configurations to ensure great ergonomics, offering various heights and grip positions along with a wide range of plate sizes to ensure the load is stable and safe, coupled with a variety of frames to meet the requirements of the loads. Finished off with a choice of wheels dependent on the terrain that you will be riding over, ensuring that your Handle-iT Sack Trucks and Barrows are perfect and most importantly safe for the intended use. 

Many of our Sack Trucks and Sack Barrows, particularly the Truck-iT Range and GTA Gold Truck Range, buck the trends of the throw away culture. The modular design means that these Sack Trucks and Sack Barrows are fully repairable and easily maintained increasing safety further still. With 4 bolts to replace the handle and 4 bolts to replace the foot plate, even if your van runs over the frame of the barrow, 8 simple bolts and the frame can be replaced, making these Sack Trucks and Sack Barrows not only a joy to use, but simple to maintain with a remarkable cost-effective life cycle.