A sack truck removes the hassle from transporting awkward and bulky items.

They also save space in warehouses and industrial settings.

From parcels and boxes to household appliances, sack trucks are versatile pieces of equipment that also move gas bottles, oil drums and kegs.

What is a sack truck?

A sack truck, sometimes referred to as a ‘hand truck’, is a two-wheeled cart optimised for moving heavy or bulky goods.

They are a common sight in warehouses or on shop floors, and are used too by companies that provide delivery services.

There are several types of sack trucks that can be designated to assist with specific tasks, ranging from lightweight models to heavy-duty ones.

What is a sack truck used for?

The main purpose of a sack truck is to transport items while eliminating the need for lifting, thus reducing the risk of injury.

It’s a multi-purpose tool mainly used for moving around heavy and bulky items. For example, a curved-back sack truck is ideal for shifting drums, cylinders and rolls.

Keg-back sack trucks are another type of sack truck that used by breweries, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Meanwhile, mesh-back sack trucks are ideal for moving a large number of small items like parcels.

Handle-iT's bountiful range of sack trucks is optimised for heavy-duty transport assignments in several industries and can be adapted to suit your requirements.

How to use a sack truck

The process of using a sack truck is simple.

Beforehand, it’s advisable to check there are no issues with the sack truck so that it can move seamlessly without dropping any items.

Once it has been checked for any defects, items should be set on the toe plate.

Make sure they’re stacked correctly and are secured in position. Arrange the items by placing the heaviest at the bottom and the lightest on top, helping the balance and manoeuvrability of the sack truck.

Always prioritise safety when using a sack truck and ensure you are adhering with the appropriate weight capacity, and correct personal protective wear.