Trolleys OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

Is your Product sold on wheels?

Pressure Washers, Paint Spraying, Testing Equipment, Compressors, Pavement Brakers, Medical Devises, Fitness Equipment The list is endless, but there are just a few that we have worked on over the years.

As UK based designers and manufacturers of sack trucks and trolleys we feel confident we can design and/or develop your mobile solution to fit the needs of your product and its users. Not only do we feel the we can do this, but we are confident our design team can produce something that is more aesthetic, more robust, and most importantly more cost effective, even down to adding YOUR corporate identity. We will even hold YOUR stock and drop ship directly to YOUR customers in YOUR packaging so you never have to lift a finger. Just send us the orders...

No matter how basic your initial idea, we can take your idea from a quick sketch all the way through to CAD designed 3D render for prototyping. We can even print a 3D model so you can see it for yourself! Once a design has been approved, we have the facility to manufacture almost any quantity, from a simple one-off to 10,000's of trolleys delivered by the container-load, anywhere in the world...

Challenge the design team today. What do you have to lose?


Previous OEM Projects

Here are some of our previous and ongoing original equipment manufacturing projects for a few of our customers, designed handle anything from simple equipment boxes, to the weird and wonderful... 


Flat Pack Trolley for TR Test Equipment

TR Test Equipment

Bespoke OEM Sack Truck Trolley

This bespoke sack truck has been made to fit garage testing equipment for TR Test Equipment, mounting securely on multiple points on the rear frame. The footplate of the trolley is also removable for easy flat-pack storage and mounted on polyurethane puncture proof tyres. After 10 years of providing the customers trolley to their own original design, we asked whether they would allow us to redesign the trolley for them. After delivery on the first prototype, the customer was enthralled by the look, but also the cost saving. Handle-iT's experience not only made the product prettier, but also more user friendly while saving the customer.


Sack Truck for Black + Decker

Black+ Decker

Dewalt Black and Decker Sack Truck

Designed for Black and Decker, these sack trucks were bespoke made to handle a range of Dewalt jackhammers. As the final Jack Hammer weighed in at 26.9kg the customer was under serious time pressure to hit the project deadline. The trolley featured pneumatic tyres, location points for chisels removable plates for EU, US and Asia Markets strapping points and cable hooks. Handle-iT Took care of the whole project from design through to packaging and worldwide with distribution for DeWalt.


Tiered Trolley for CJ Medical

CJ Medical

Bespoke Power Pack Moving Two Tier TrolleyCJ Medical Trolley with Cover

This specialised tier trolley is designed to move components in boxes alongside a bespoke-sized power pack module. This enables ambulance teams to inflate CJ Medicals HoverMatt Patient Transfer System whenever or wherever they are needed, saving countless lives. This compact, yet stable and extremely robust system, was design by Handle-iT's team after CJ decided they wanted to stay away from importing the standard equipment from the USA. The design was felt to be seriously more robust and far more stable than the original, even offering a custom branded cover. MD Daniel Farrar Said "After being asked to mimic CJ's original equipment I felt we could do a huge amount better, so we took the bull by the horns, and insisted we popped together a design idea for a discussion point" after receiving the design CJ without quibble started to place the first orders. 



Great Bespoke Grate Sack Truck

This custom sack truck is designed to move a very specific form of floor grate in purpose built powder coating plant, allowing the user to feed the prongs through the mesh and lever the grate to enable safe lifting and moving. NO Bending, and NO manual handling. These custom sack trucks enabled very quick and easy moving of the grates without any effort and a far more efficient method of movement. The sack trucks were also finished in the companies corporate colour shade of yellow and mounted on our design puncture proof tyres.


Bulk Load Sack Truck for Flexiloo


Flexiloo Sack Truck

FlexilooFirst™ uses Handle-iT Ltd as their sole supplier for their specialised handling trolleys. Used by Flexloo themselves as well as being, supplied to their customers in the UK and across the globe, These trolleys aid with the ease of transportation of the specialist equipment to a site, up and down stairs, and to manoeuvre through doorways. This unique sack truck was designed for the users at Flexiloo to help installation of their modular pop-up restrooms. These are the poshest porta-loos in the world, and the style, function, and ease of assembly will amaze you. These chunky sack trucks are made to measure, and are the perfect solution for a chunky product that can be a nightmare to move without it! With Handle-iT handing stock for the customer for short notice fulfilment allows our customer the freedom to concentrate on what they do best.