Do our products come with load test certificates?

No is the simple answer, they are not required to have them, however all the products that we supply are tested to ensure that they meet the stipulated specifications. If your policy is that this equipment does need testing and certification, we have the facilities close to hand to get this job done for you. Please note that we don't make a profit from the load test service, it is there as a facility to help our customers.

Can I get a credit account?

Yes, you will be automatically put on 30 day account terms after your first purchase, we like to prove we are a genuine company, not a faceless internet outfit. Furthermore we are looking to be a part of your business as a supplier that you can rely upon for assistance, with a credit account you are more likely to use us more often. If you are a government body, LGA then we will accept official purchase orders with your first order.

Who is my accounts manager?

Your account manager will be the person who looks after you from your first order, this way not only can you build a good working relationship with them, but they will understand your demands as a customer.

Do you have to build the trolley when it arrives?

All of our trucks and trolleys are delivered constructed, with the wheels on, if your trolleys have removable side panels for instance these are usually delivered in flat packed format, as this reduces damage, and with out turntable range again the handles are generally removed to reduce courier damage.

Who do I complain to?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the products, service or advice that you have received then email our managing director, he will return your mail within 2 hours.

Can we come to visit you?

Yes! We're at:

Units 19, Bulleigh Barton Farm & Commercial Units, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 5UA

(We're a little bit out in the sticks so if you get lost, feel free to give us a call on +44 (01803) 424 096 and we'll send one of the guys up to meet you)

Can you come to visit us?

Yes, no problem, just give us a call and we'll arrange a visit.

Do I get a warranty?

Yes all products come with a minimum of a 12 month warranty and with some of our made to order range the warranty is extended to 5 years, please do note however we can not warranty wheels, tyre or castors, but speak to us, we are very frivolous with our warrantees and will try to help where ever we can.

You need a trolley to sell with your product?

From initial design through to prototype, through to the goods being on the shelf, Handle-iT is in the unique position that we can take the project from start to finish. Handle-iT is a company dedicated to producing new innovative handling equipment, through to our factory in the Far East we can control the whole project from start to finish for you, all over the world, delivering into Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA. The only place as yet we have not delivered into is South America, however lets try it?