Oil Drum Sack Truck and Cradle

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Product Code: HI-15-DT30-PN

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Oil Drum Sack Truck and Cradle

Product Code: HI-15-DT30-PN


The Oil Drum Sack Truck and Cradle is a simple yet effective dual use hand truck for use with 210 litre or 55 gallon drums. Not only a robust drum mover, but it doubles up as a cradle to assist with dispensing of the contents of the drum, to keep manual handling to a bare minimum. This standard capacity unit starts with a 300kg capacity but can be adapted to increase the loading capacity.


HSE Guide to Safe use and handling of flammable liquids

SEPA Guide to Safe storage of Drums and intermediate bulk containers

Item Measurement
Capacity 300KG
Height 1300mm
Width To Suit Load
Toe Plate Length 220mm
Toe Plate Width You Choose
Wheel Size 390mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane 

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