Are there any dents, chips or tears in the frame?




Is the frame free from corrosion?




Is the frame bent from impact damage?




Are all welds still in good condition?




Is all safety signage clear and intact?




Are bumpers intact and in place?




Is the guidance for the carts capacity displayed clearly?      

Are serial numbers clear and obvious for maintenance tracking?






Is there excessive play in the handle?




Is the handle free from any dents, cracks, or deep scratches?




Are there any bends in the handle not present at point of manufacture?




Is signage and instruction clear?      

Check pivot points and pins adjust where necessary




Check stopping distance without load




Check stopping distance with load




Advertisement Panels


Are the panels secured in place?




Are the panels free from sharp edges?




Is the advertisement clear and eligible?




Are the panels showing cracks?




Is the most recent advert showing correctly?






Is the basket secure in place?




Are the baskets free from corrosion and dents?




Is the basket free from sharp edges?




Solid Rubber Tyres


Is there any excessive wear on the tires?




Are there any tears or cracks in the rubber?




Are dust or bearing guards in place in good condition?




Rims and Bearings


Are there any chips, dents or cracks in the rim?




If steel, is there any corrosion?




Is there excessive play in the bearings?




Are wheels rolling freely?




Castor Forks


Are the forks straight?




Are there any scratches or dents in the metal?




Is there any excessive corrosion?




Do the castors rotate freely?




Is there any debris trapped in the wheel?




Are all Bolts and Fixings Secure?




Braking Rod


Full contact on wheel when automatic brake is released?




When Automatic brake is pressed does the brake fully release?






Is the main axle bolt secure and free of corrosion?




Are the bolts that affix the castor to the frame firmly secured and free of corrosion?




Are the nuts on any bolts secure and free of corrosion?