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Its not all about the moment, sometimes its good to be able to go to bed thinking we have done a good deed for the day…

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Addenbrooke’s Hospital approached us earlier in the year with a requirement for 3 bespoke trolleys to suit the needs of the wards.  Part of the specification was the requirement for them to be different and bright colours, so if they went missing they could easily be returned!

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A customer in London contacted us a few weeks ago to ask whether we could help with a need they had. 

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Lifting Cradle
This specialised Drum Lifter was recently requested by SMD Ltd, and we at Handle-iT were happy to help! After working with SMD to highlight their requirements, we set to work developing a 3D model using CAD. After some development, these designs were issued to the factory for assembly and manufacture.

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A Job Well Done, for Well Done Construction. A simple modification to our classic PG47 Heavy Duty Sack Truck means it work quickly and safely for many different cylinders.

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