Double Keg Sack Truck

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This double keg sack truck is a safe solution to a problem that has existed in the brewery trade for years. Moving multiple kegs, casks, or barrels on a single sack truck has always been challenging and often deemed unsafe, but this twin keg sack truck features a simple but effective method of locking the kegs in position when transporting.

Moving Two Kegs Securely

The sack trucks frame is curved, providing a cradle to support the kegs comfortably. Built into this curved back are two hooks. The lower hooks into the bottom cask, locking it in place, but has a series of pins that grip the bottom rim of the top keg, and are designed to suit both 9 and 11 gallon kegs. The top hook clamps down the top keg, locking it all in and preventing the kegs from moving or falling out.

Simple but Effective Design

This version of the twin keg truck features a U-Handle, designed for use with either 1 or 2 hands. This is an ideal handle for operators navigating their way through busy sites where they may need a spare hand to open doors and lifts, all while evenly supporting the load.

Options and Upgrades

This sack truck also features a few options, such as a larger footplate for greater versatility when handling goods other than kegs, as well as the option for upgrades to puncture proof blown foam tyres, which help minimise maintenance by eliminating the risk of punctures while providing a similar ride quality to air-filled tyres.



غرض قياس
Capacity 250 كغم
Overall Height 1336 مم
Overall Width 605 مم
Base Height 450 مم
Footplate Size Options 300/400mm
Wheel Diameter 254 مم
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

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Product Code Footplate Size Wheels Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-GTA-53U-PN 300mm x 450mm Footplate Pneumatic Wheels £209.00
HI-GTA-53U-PU 300mm x 450mm Footplate Puncture Proof Wheels £224.00
HI-GTA-54U-PN 400mm x 450mm Footplate Pneumatic Wheels £219.00
HI-GTA-54U-PU 400mm x 450mm Footplate Puncture Proof Wheels £234.00


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