Medical IV Drip Stand
Adjustable Height

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Product Details


This Medical IV Drip Stand is constructed using high quality steel, and finished in your choice of double coat epoxy powder paint or a new antibacterial paint finish. The quality construction and premium paint finish ensures a sturdy and stable stand that is resistant to damage from scuffs and marks from day-to-day use. Mounted on 4 x 80mm grey non-marking, silent run wheels, the stand has a very low centre of gravity, ensuring absolute stability for those emergency situations where speed of operation is critical.

The Height adjustable pole allows comfortable use for any care giver, whilst the bag hooks created with our CNC Plasma cutter offer an extremely strong hook that is consistently uniform. Our CNC Plasma Bed is also used to create the base element, the curvaceous plate reduces trip hazards created by the conventional leg designs seen on many other drip stands. This platform also lowers the centre of gravity, increasing the stability further still.

The stand is also available with alternate options. The first is an IV stand with cylinder stowage, providing the facility to accept 4 or 6 cylinders. Another option is a 316 stainless steel finish, providing a sterile and longer-lasting frame, available as both the standard drip stand or with the additional oxygen storage.


Item Measurement
Maximum Capacity 50kg
Height Adjustable
Wheel Size 80mm
Wheel Type Grey Non-marking

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Product Code Hooks Finish Cost Price Ex VAT
HIH-GDS-18-0-2H 2 Hooks Powdercoat Finish £89.00
HIH-GDS-18-0-2H-ABP 2 Hooks Antibacterial Paint Finish £194.00
HIH-GDS-18-0-3H 3 Hooks Powdercoat Finish £99.00
HIH-GDS-18-0-3H-ABP 3 Hooks Antibacterial Paint Finish £204.00
HIH-GDS-18-0-4H 4 Hooks Powdercoat Finish £109.00
HIH-GDS-18-0-4H-ABP 4 Hooks Antibacterial Paint Finish £214.00


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