Powered Trolleys for Food Production Industry

17th Jun 2024

This powered trolley literally took the biscuit! We’re not great fans of blowing our customers names over these blogs, but this customer who is the world best and biggest biscuit maker! The customer needed to constantly feed their production line with cookie dough so the their were no gaps in their production. Manually moving ½ a ton of dough all day every day was not only becoming a bane, but the pressures of the speed of product were also making the job dangerous.

Handle-iT stepped in with a 6 wheeled powered trolley solution, even though the production area was very tight, and the load very large and heavy. The bespoke Powered Trolley modified with a central mounted drive motor and quick release stainless steel dough bin was not only nimble enough, but even considered the demounting of the dough bin for cleaning and jet washing.