The Perfect Trolley For Glastonbury 2024!

6th Jun 2024

Glastonbury is an unforgettable and inspirational experience! You’ve been waiting a whole year, you’ve bought the tickets, the tent and are looking forward to seeing some legendary acts performing live at an iconic venue So, why risk all your worldly possessions being dragged through the Worthy Farm mud and your entire weekend being ruined on a cheap trolley that the wheels will fall off.

When you were young, free and foolish, the idea of camping on the ground under the stars might have seemed thrilling and romantic. But the harsh reality of 3 nights on cold wet ground in a field in deepest Somerset is very different. For these reasons, Handle-iT has developed the Camp-King festival trolley.

It’s a trolley..

The Worthy Farm site covers 1500 acres and the distances between the car parks and the campsites are large. You need a trolley that is large enough to carry everything you need for the weekend in a single trip, that is strong enough to cope with Glastonbury’s legendary mud and is compact enough to fit into a car.

It’s a bed..

After a long day, standing for hours and the screaming lyrics to your favourite artists, it will be your body screaming for a decent night’s sleep. The Camp King folds into a full 6ft long bed, keeping you warm dry and comfortable.

It’s a chair.

Eating, drinking or just kicking back in the sun. Fingers crossed! Remember the good times, remember the music, remember the hangovers, but forget the hassle, forget the sleepless nights and forget the stiff back.