Luggage Trolley Corrals

With travel hubs getting back into motion, the demand for passenger baggage trolleys is ever increasing. With tens, hundreds or even thousands of trolleys across site, organising these trolleys becomes critical. Corrals become an easily identifiable storage and access point for trolleys, with their size making them visible over the crowds at fair distances. 

Trolley Corral

Securely bolted into the ground, corrals become a fixed location for customers to easily find trolleys, while also making it easier for staff to designate and distribute the baggage trolleys for storage. Their rugged design allows the corrals to brave the toughest of environments, commonly being made from stainless steel for greater resistance to the elements.

Trolley Corral

Paired with coin locks, corrals also offer a location for customers to return their own trolleys, saving you ground crew time otherwise spent collecting abandoned trolleys. Panelling allows you to add signage, branding, or even advertising space to corrals.

Trolley Corral with Signage


  • Handle-iT

    Hello Nujoud,

    Yes, this customer opted for stainless steel so give the corral a longer life, but if it is your preference we can powder coat the corral in any RAL colour you could want!

  • Nujoud Farraj

    Hello , I want to ask if you have different designs for this trolley coral and if we can have different finishes other than silver ?

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