Food Service Carts and Sandwich Trolleys

Looking for a sandwich trolley or food service cart? We have a number of trolleys available for a range of environments. Whether you're after a lunch trolley for a specific hospital ward, a street food cart for selling food on the move, or a bulk delivery trolley with ample space to feed the neighbourhood, we've got the right trolley for you!

Food CartFood Cart With Branded Cover


Need bespoke modifications or add-ons such as branding, weather resistant covers, or a specific size to suit your equipment? We can make it! With our experienced team, we specialise in designing and fabricating bespoke custom equipment, so almost anything is possible.

Food Service CartFood Trolley

Small Food CartSmall Food Cart

Food CartFood Cart



  • Handle-iT

    Hi Safa,

    For enquiries, you can reach the team at, or call 01803 875 222.

    You can also visit our Enquiries Page and fill out one of our contact forms!

  • Safa

    Hi there
    I have a coffee shop and we do catering
    Looking for buying a food delivery cart

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Trolleys Made to Your Specification

Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factories here in the southwest, where we can manage the whole process.

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