Balance Trolleys

Balance Trolleys are extremely manoeuvrable trolleys, featuring two main wheels mounted on a fixed central axle that the trolley balances on. This makes it easy for the trolley to turn on the spot even with a heavy load.
The Heavy Duty Balance Trolley or Geest Trolley has the benefits of the turntable trolley range, but with the additional benefit that it is more manoeuvrable, perfect central balance makes even 500kg loads very manageable. Working like a see-saw when the load is balanced, even with heavy weights the trolley is a joy to use. With 390mm wheels, ideal for...
Item Measurement
Bed Length 1200/1500/2000mm
Bed Width 600/750/1000mm
Overall Height 915mm
Base Height 450mm
Finish Premium Powdercoat
Colour Red (or your choice)
Wheel Size 390mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyeurethane
(Ex VAT)
U-Boat Narrow Cash and Carry Trolley is perfect for use in warehouses and shop floors where aisle width is limited and the traffic is heavy. The dual end system allows your customers to pile their shopping high, maximising your throughput. The sizes shown are our "standard" sizes but as always this item is made-to-order, so if you have a different...
Item Measurement
Capacity 500 kg
Overall Length 1500 mm
Overall Height 1500 mm
Overall Width 380 mm
Wheel Diameter 200 mm
Wheel Configuration 2x Solid & 2x Swivel Castors
(Ex VAT)
Garden centre trolley, as seen in many local and national garden centres. Offers a spacious basket to increase customer carrying capacity and spend. The balance wheel configuration makes the trolley light and easy to manoeuvre and includes solid, hard wearing wheels to promote longevity and trouble-free use. These are also used by our customers in yachting and the marine industry...
Item Measurement
Overall Length 1275mm
Overall Width 600mm
Overall Height 890mm
Basket Size 920mm x 555mm
Wheel Size 275mm Diameter
Wheel Type Solid
(Ex VAT)
Carpet trolley - simple and easy to use, this works as a balance trolley, with the trolley placed under the center of the carpet. The trolley will act as a see-saw making sure that the absolute minimum effort is need to move even a full mill roll of carpet. Multi-functional, this trolley is also great for rolls of polythene, cardboard, paper and...
Item Measurement
Length 900mm / 1200mm / 1500mm
Width 600mm
Wheel Size 254mm / 400mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane Puncture Proof
Colour You Chooose
(Ex VAT)
This Heavy Duty Reel Bogie or Carpet Dolly can be used to transport long loads with ease, such as rolls of carpet and large reels of sheeet material. A made to order item, it can be made to your exact measurements. With the basic sizes offering a 1500mm version capable of taking 4500mm long loads, or the 2000mm version being...
Item Measurement
Length 1500mm / 2000mm
Width Custom
Wheel Size 2x 200mm / 4x 150mm
Wheel Type Solid, Pneumatic, or polyurethane puncture proof
(Ex VAT)
The pipe and bar truck, available with solid or air filled pneumatic wheels. Helps move those long awkward loads with one man as apposed to the usual 2 or 3 to unload materials. Simply lay the load across the cradle and the trolley can be used single handed, it's balancing action making even heavy loads easily transportable. A brilliant tool...
Item Measurement
Length 680mm
Width 550mm
Height You Choose
Wheel Size 200mm
Wheel Type Solid/Pneumatic
(Ex VAT)
This easy to use sandwich trolley is perfect for storage of food container boxes. While the trolley was originally designed as a mobile sandwich cart, its suitable for storing any packaged food. The trolley features wheels in a diamond configuration for high manoeuvrability and stability over uneven ground, making it perfect for traversing uneven streets and kerbs. There is also an option...
Item Measurement
Bed Length Large: 1355mmSmall: ~950mm
Bed Width 610mm
Overall Height 1230mm
Box Capacity 6, 9, or 12400mm x 600mm Boxes
Wheel Size 254mm wheels
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane
(Ex VAT)

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