Hospital Gas and Oxygen Bottle Handling and Storage

Gas bottle storage and movements on site are obviously hazardous, so here is a great range of gas bottle moving aids, and storage cages, any size or type of bottle are catered for so if you can't see exactly what you are looking for, please contact the sales team on 01803 875 222 where we can discuss alternative products or manufacture to your demands. With manufacturing facilities here in Devon we are ideally placed to design and build the solution that suits you.

Cheap Gas Bottle Trolley is what our customers asked for so here we go, manufactured from 25.4mm tube which provides great strength while keeping the overall self-weight low. The curved back of the sack truck cradles the load to ensure there is no rocking / rolling. Fitted with an adjustable gas bottle retention strap that hooks onto the uprights of the sack truck. The retention strap can be adjusted in length to cater for bottle sizes up to 390mm and  furthermore it can be adjusted up or down the height of the truck to ensure that smaller 13kg and 26kg bottle can also be secured safely, making this the perfect tool for gas bottle distribution either on vehicles or around you premises. Fitted with stair skid to enable sliding up or down stairs, and finished with a hard wearing epoxy powder coated frame in safety yellow. Fitted as standard with Air Filled pneumatic 10" wheels or upgrade NOW to the polyurethane puncture proof tires which looks like a pneumatic and rides like one but without punctures or deflation.

Item Measurement
Capacity 150KG
Height 1295mm
Width 560mm
Toe Plate Length 255mm
Toe Plate Width 350mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

£114.00 +VAT

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Cheap Aluminium Hospital Oxygen Bottle Trolley with a folding toe plate is supplied on pneumatic tires. Due to the aluminium construction this aluminium Oxygen Bottle Trolley retains a low overall weight. The curved back braces help cradle the cylinders and the quick release retention strap makes changing the bottle simple and quick, ideal for cylinders up to 230mm diameter. The 'Z' Frame stair skids aid the operator when traversing steps or stairs allowing the trolley and the load to "ski" up or down stairs. When the strap has been removed it still behaves as a standard sack truck, giving you a multi functional piece of equipment for just one great price.

Item Measurement
Capacity 120KG
Height 1310mm
Width 470mm
Toe Plate Length 270mm
Toe Plate Width 310mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic

£132.50 +VAT

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Medical Gas Cylinder Trolley for cylinders with diameters from 95mm to 230mm, and heights from 500mm through to 1500mm the trolleys cradle diameter can simply be adjusted at manufacture to suit the size and type of cylinders you wish to move. Suitable for carrying all major suppliers medical bottles. Manufactured in Devon from 25.4mm hollow tube which provides great strength, but still remains light weight and manageable. Available on a choice of wheels, either standard 200mm diameter solid wheels with roller bearings, 254mm diameter pneumatic or puncture-proof wheels, which would provide the gas cylinder trolley with a 200kg capacity. The fully welded construction offers the strength and security needed when moving compressed gasses, fitted with a heavy duty zinc plated adjustable chain for safe retention. Additional options such as non marking wheels, ESD wheels, and stainless steels for clinical environment are available, please discuss these further with your account manager.

Item Measurement
Capacity 200KG
Height 1250mm
Width 390mm
Toe Plate Length 235mm
Toe Plate Width 245mm
Wheel Size 200mm / 254mm
Wheel Type Solid / Pneumatic or Polyurethane

£195.00 +VAT

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Hospital Gas Bottle Trolley from Handle-iT loads into a recessed supporting cage ensuring that even if the trolley is dropped the load will stay safe and retained inside the trolley. Suitable for all gas cylinders up to 260mm diameter, provided with a full steel strap to ensure locking of the bottle while in transit. A beautifully balanced sack truck that ensures that even heavy bottles are easy to handle. Perfect for use in hospitals, surgeries, dental practices or where gas bottle movements are frequent or carried out by the fairer sex. Please note that this unit can be manufactured for your choice of gas bottle size if you have something that is not covered by the standard range.

Item Measurement
Capacity 250KG
Height 1210mm
Width 380mm
Toe Plate Length Recessed < 360mm
Toe Plate Width Recessed <360mm
Wheel Size 200mm
Wheel Type 200mm Solid

£219.00 +VAT

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This Unique Drum or Cylinder mover for hospital gases is great for gas bottles, or any other cylindrical item. The back of the truck has Handle-iT's unique "easy lower" system which runs gliding tubes to assist with the smooth tilting back of the load. This holds it in a comfortable working position at 45 degrees, seriously reducing the manual effort needed to operate the truck. The additional 2 rear castors make moving even the heaviest load remarkably simple, reducing effort and the risks of wrist and shoulder injuries. The curved back cradles the load safely to eliminate any risk of the gas bottles rolling off the hand truck. The back can be tailored to suit the size of the roll or cylinder that you are handling so please call the sales team for help in finding the exact product that you need.

Item Measurement
Capacity 350KG
Height 1300mm
Width To Suit Load
Toe Plate Length 50% of Diameter
Toe Plate Width 50% of Diameter
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Solid, Pneumatic or Polyurethane

£379.00 +VAT

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This Hospital Oxygen Cylinder Trolley is designed to suit standard oxygen cylinders with diameter of 110mm, suitable for transporting up to 12 bottles at a time. Manufactured in Devon, UK makes transporting Oxygen canisters easy utilising a traditional flatbed trolley platform and a frame to safely house high volumes of canisters. Mounted on 125mm castors this trolley comes with grey non-marking wheels as standard.

Item Measurement
Capacity 300kg
Cylinder Capacity 12
Cylinder Diameter 110mm
Length 550mm
Width 420mm
Wheel Size 125mm

£344.50 +VAT

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The Facilities Bulk Cylinder or Gas Bottle Trolley is designed with the specific purpose of transporting a large number of oxygen cylinders around sites. Operated as either a hand drawn trailer (recommended on the 16 cylinder version) or with towing pins or ball hitch, but also a T bar hand drawn facility. With fold down retaining side which also acts as a ramp to aid the loading of heavy bottle by hand or with HIH/GCT2 Gas Bottle Trolley. As standard, the trolley is designed to handle ZX Cylinders with a 143mm diameter, however if you have a different size requirement we are able to make whatever modifications you may need.
With its unique design, the trolley can store high volumes of oxygen canisters with ease, allowing easy transport across large facilities safely and efficiently. The trolley also features storage space at either end of the bed for ancillary items or additional load. Visit our Trolley manufacturing section to see more of the options available.
Item Measurement
Capacity 1000kg
Overall Length Including Handle 2900mm
Internal Cradle Length 1220mm
Bed Width 630mm
Canister Size ZX Cylinder 930mm(H) 143mm(D)
Canister Capacity 16 or 24 or 32
Colour Optional

£1,495.00 +VAT

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Gas Bottle Storage Racks available to store from 1-8 bottles as standard. Storage of 1-4 bottles are wall mounted whereas 6 and 8 are floor secured. Fitted with heavy duty retention chains for additional security, each space is suitable for bottles up to a 380mm diameter. Great for hospitals and factories alike, and can be mounted directly into your storage area, inside gas bottle storage cages or kept mobile by mounting inside mesh secure stillages. These racks are made to order and can be adjusted to your requirements, please contact us for more details.

£159.00 +VAT

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Gas Bottle Storage Cages, flexible modular storage cages and racks. Manufactured using 50mm welded mesh, and manufactured to the size to suit your bottles. Cages can be bolted to the floor, wall mounted, mounted on a pallet base, or even put on wheels so that the cage is fully transportable. Make the storage system that suits your requirements by adding cages, racks side by side or back to back, even have them in stored in our bespoke gas bottle storage cages. (linked) Perfect for hospitals surgeries, or any industrial situation using gas bottles.

Item Measurement
Capacity Small / Medium / Large
Length 1000mm, 1500mm or 2000mm
Width 1000mm or 1500mm
Height 1900mm 

£679.00 +VAT

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Trolleys Made to Your Specification

Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factory here at Devon, where we can manage the whole process.

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