Magliner Aluminium Keg Sack Truck

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Magliner Aluminium Keg Truck, a specially designed sack barrow to transport kegs and barrels. With good old fashioned pistol grip handles, providing an ergonomic, natural feel, it is fitted with a curved back and a keg hook to hold the load in place over bumpy ground. The hand truck has a wide toe plate for stability when moving even the largest barrels. With many options available, the truck can be mounted on solid, pneumatic, or puncture proof tires, it can also be fitted with a stair and kerb skate to help you to climb ledges with ease.

The Magliner range of sack trucks provide lightweight construction with unrivalled build quality. The fully modular design reduces overall life cycle costs, while the choices available in design mean that you can provide a sack truck which is tailor made for the job and the operator.

Item Measurement
Capacity 227 kg
Height 1260 mm
Width 520 mm
Toe Plate Length 190 mm
Toe Plate Width 450 mm 
Wheel Size 254 mm
Wheel Type Solid / Pneumatic / Polyurethane Puncture Proof


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