Long Load Turntable Trolley for Pack Realisation

Double Ended Long Load Turntable Trolley


Long Load Turntable Trolley for Pack Realisation 

In mid-2016 we were approached by Pack Realisation based in Beaucouzé, France. Pack Realisation was having problems with moving long lengths of extruded aluminium that were up to 6 meters long. As well as this, Pack Realisation was also having problems moving it in a tight space, as well as needing to turn it at a tight angle while remaining safe on an incline.

After the language barriers were broken down, designs started to be drawn up and sent back and forth until a final design was agreed upon in April of 2017. After a few more months of clarifying and refining minute details, an order was placed in February of 2018 to manufacture a twin steering, dual break turntable trolley with both manual and towed handle configurations.

Long Load Turntable Trolley Long Load Turntable Trolley Handle

Long Load Turntable Trolley Demonstration

Long Load Turntable Trolley Brake Pedal 1000x800 Long Load Turntable Trolley Steering Mechanism 1000x800






The turntable mechanism present at both ends of the trolley allows a sharp turning circle without setting the trolley off balance. By having a handle at both ends, it can be moved, towed or steered with only two operators which reduces the risk involved. The turntable handle has three main functions dictated by its position; at its lowest, it allows the mechanism to steer and the wheels to freely rotate, the next position locks the steering but still allows the wheels to rotate creating a fixed axle for towing purposes, and finally, in the third position, the mechanism will apply a parking brake to the wheels to prevent the trolley from moving. This allows the trolley to be loaded in a stationary position which helps further minimise the risk to the operators. The foot pedal, linked to the turntable mechanism, is used to release the brake and steering lock.


  • Handle-iT

    Hi Cole, I have forwarded your enquiry on to the sales team. For any further enquiries, please contact the sales team at: sales @ handle-it.com, or on 01803 875 222

  • Cole Slabbert

    Hi I’m looking for a long load turntable trolley like the on on your wed page suitable to carry steel up to 7.0mtrs

  • Dale Edmunds

    Hi I’m looking for a long load turntable trolley like the on on your wed page suitable to carry steel up to 7.5 mtrs and about 3.5/4 tonne

    Can you send me a quote for this please

    Many thanks


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