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With a 420kg capacity, this extra heavy duty stair climbing sack truck uses a sophisticated track system to enable power assisted stair climbing, traversing up to 1100 steps on a single charge. The high load capacity and large loading bed makes the stair climber great for large and bulky loads such as white goods, printers, and vending machines. The handle is also collapsible, allowing easier storage.

Powered Stair Climbing

The advanced stair climbing system uses specialised tracks that give the trolley grip when ascending or descending stairs. These tracks can be raised to allow free manual movement of the trolley, saving battery and providing greater manoeuvrability in tight areas.

Stair Climber Training

We are now offering on-site stair climber operation training for anywhere in the UK. To arrange training, please contact sales@handle-it.com, or call +44 (0)1803 875 222.

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Stair-Climbing Tracks
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