Free Safety Downloads

Free Safety Downloads

Below you will find many links with some very helpful tools to ensure the safety of your staff and colleagues and the financial safety of your company against the compensation culture. Putting these small practice changes into place in your business will make the work place safer and reduce the risk of corporate injury through litigation. Simple risk assessments and reports to understand some of the risks involved will really help with your understanding of the Health and Safety minefield. Also there is legislative guidance to ensure that you are up to speed on current legal practise as well, and case studies for your particular industry.  

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Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Sack Truck Daily Maintenance Sheet - A free in depth guide to ensure that your sack truck fleet and maintained

Platform Truck Daily Maintenance Sheet - Free daily maintenance checklist for our range of platform trucks

Sack Truck Risk Assessment - Free in depth Sack Truck risk assessment

Trolley and Platform Truck Risk Assessment - Free in depth Platform Truck and Trolley risk assessment

Mobile and Safety Step Daily Maintenance Sheet - Free daily maintenance checklist for our range of Mobile and Safety Steps

Wheel Safety Check Sheet.pdf - Free check sheet for wheel maintenance.

Free Wheel Risk Assessment.pdf - Free Wheel Risk Assessment (.docx)

General Guidelines and Legislation

Near Miss Form - A form designed to help you reduce risks around the workplace and create safer workspaces for your staff and colleagues

HSE Height and Weight Guidelines - A simple guide showing the health and safety executive's guidelines regarding lifting objects

Principles of sensible risk management - A set of principles that spell out what HSE believes risk management should be about.

A great check list for manual handling activities - This simple tick sheet allows you to understand the whats, whys and whens of manual handling risk assessments.

Guidance For Lifting Tasks - A great short document that will help with risk reduction when lifting.

Lifting and handling aids and equipment - Short document with great pictorial tables offering some really valuable advice for employers.

Pushing and Pulling

Pushing and Pulling Risk Review Report

Pushing and Pulling Guidance

Risk assessment of pushing and pulling - HSE risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool

Pushing and Pulling Risk Assessment - Example 

Pushing and Pulling Check List

Industry Specific Manual Handling Guidelines

Your industry - This page helps you find good practice guidance for your particular industry.

Plasterboard Handling - Construction occupational health study involving simple ways to aid the moving of boards such as plaster board, ply boards and windows

Furniture Moving and Distribution - A great pdf helping with the safe logistics of furniture, a useful article for removal companies, wholesalers or retailers in the furniture trade.

Handling In Night Clubs and Pubs - A brilliant risk assessment template for pubs, night clubs and hotels.

Manual Handling and Beer Deliveries - Reducing the risk of injuries while handling kegs, casks and barrels.

Fish Processing Industry Guidance - Information sheet from the HSE with regards to safe handling in the fish processing and fishing industries

Food industry, and bakery handling report - In depth research report on handling equipment in the food industry, including detailed analysis of types of equipment and the castors that they are mounted on and the noise created by the wheels.

Manual Handling in the Textiles Industry - HSE Guide

Manual handling solutions on farms - HSE Guide

Manual packing in the brick industry  - HSE Guide - PDF [627kb]

Other Manual Handling Guidelines

Handling the News: Advice for employers on manual handling of bundles

Storage and handling of gas cylinders – See page 20

Guidance in the Safe use of Roll Cages - Data from local authority and National supermarket chains on the safe choice and use of roll cages.

HSE Guide to Safe use and handling of flammable liquids

Are you making the best use of lifting and handling aids? PDF [440kb]

Manual handling assessment chart tool (MAC Tool) PDF [165kb]

Getting to grips with manual handling PDF [671kb]

In the driving seat PDF [353kb]

MAC leaflet PDF [160kb]

Slips and trips;

Manual handling;

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