Need something made to YOUR requirements?

Handle-iT offers a design & manufacture facility in our own factory here at Devon, where we can manage the whole process.

We provide efficient, cost effective, risk reducing results.

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Made To Order Trolleys

Trolley Manufacturing Solutions

Trolleys fabricated to our customer requirements are a large part of the Handle-iT arsenal. As a company we realised many years ago, that our standard range is not suitable for all customers. In fact two customers can be doing the exact same job and require equipment to achieve the required results using differing equipment, giving you your competitive edge, so to have your trolley manufactured to your specification is a must. Just let the sales team know what you need and they will do the work for you, you can provide full blown CAD, or engineering drawings, or just pop it on a hand drawn sketch, and we can refine it from there.

 Made to order trolley design service
Made to order trolleys, racks, platform trucks and trailers using plastic, stainless steel and aluminium


When manufacturing trolleys, not only can we make any trolley to any size or to any style, we also offer the facility to have all this in any material, so we can manufacture as standard in mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel, bases, panels, sides and ends can all be finished in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastic, or a huge choice of wood, from MDF through to varnished hard woods.


As standard all of our products are finished with a powder coated paint, which is baked on to the steel, and gives a high gloss finish which not only looks great, but is also chip, scratch and rust resistant. Alternatively we also have the facility to galvanised the metal work which provides a higher level of rust resistance, recommended for up to 25 years. Finally, if you want the rust resistance, but are also after a pretty finish, then our trolleys, sack trucks and carts, can also be manufactured with BZP (Bright Zinc Plated) this will offer similar rust resisting properties of the galvanising process, however gives a beautiful mirror finished look, ensuring that your bespoke trolley is exactly what you want.

Trolleys made to order finishes
Made To Order Trolleys with colour choices


When the Trolley Manufacturing process is finished we send the product off for finishing at our high quality powder coating factory, as a standard colour we offer blue (RAL5010) however we also offer the facility to finish your trolley in the RAL colours that suit your brand, please ask the sales team for more information on this facility, sometimes these can be free, if they are not an obscure colour. We also can provide at no extra cost a large variety of basic colours as you will see to the left. This can have a great effect when used with plastics and sheet steels when matching or contrasting colours. Again you can always speak with the sales team who have great knowledge and experience with these products.   


This is simple.

Any product, or style, in any size, just let us know what you need, and we will manufacture YOUR TROLLEY...... as long as we feel from our experience that the trolley manufactured will be safe and sound.

Made to order trolleys available in various sizes
Made to order trolley wheels, puncture proof, air filled, or castors


When we Manufacture Trolleys we use only the highest quality wheels and casters, there are so many we have at our disposal its frightening, from basic rubber and nylon, through to anti-static, non-conductive, non-marking and non-puncturing pneumatic wheels. The sizes range from 30mm diameter through to 500mm, and with capacities from 100kg, through to 15,000kg.

Branded Trolleys

As Trolley Manufacturers we have many branding options available, for trolleys, cages, sack trucks and barrows. Either by printing directly onto the plastic trolley panels, or by printing onto heavy duty tarpaulin covers, which then also act as a water proof cover for your loads, the third option available is by fabricating advertising panels, where advertising boards and flyers can be changed on a frequent basis. Your fourth option would be to laser cut directly into sheet steel panels, your brand message. If you think we have missed a trick, let us know and I am sure we will be able to give it a try.

So where do we start, and how does the process work........ There are many options, either you can provide the drawings, these can be as crude as a "fag packet sketch" or full blown architectural drawing. If full drawings are provided we can manufacture directly from these. If you have provided a sketch, give us the dimensions of what you need and what you will be doing with the trolley, and our team will help you with additional design suggestions. From there we will have your idea 3D modelled as you can see to the left, this will give you the ability to understand your product more and visualise its usage. (please note there is a small charge for the modelling) as soon as your idea has been signed off and agreed we can continue with the manufacturing process........ 3 or 4 weeks later YOUR trolley will be delivered and your imagination has become your reality.

Contact Us With Your Bespoke Requirements

And one of our experienced team will be back to you within the hour, alternatively if you already have your design down on paper even as just a rough sketch. just attach it to an email and ping it to

As a High Quality Trolley Manufacturer we offer up to a 5 year warranty on most of our Made To Order products. Anything that is not 5 years will be clearly marked as 3 years or in some cases 1 year.
Your warranty covers you for every aspect of the trolley excluding vandalism, mis-use and abuse and wearing parts.............. wheels........
If you would like to discuss a warranty in advance please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help.