10 Inch Sack Truck Pneumatic Wheels (16mm Axle, Suitable for MAGLINER sack trucks)

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Sack Truck Pneumatic Wheels, to fit a 16mm axle. The wheel diameter is 254mm or 10 inches, with welded steel centres, encased ball bearings that utilise a rust and dust resisting plastic cover and an off-set hub. These are designed to be an upgrade to the basic sack truck wheels that come with most Chinese imported sack trucks, improving and reinforcing the areas that often fail such as the bearing and the wheel hub. Because they are a standard size, the wheels fit many sack barrows on the market including any of the commonly used MAGLINER range. Check your sizes on our wheel check-sheet to ensure that they will fit.


Item Measurement
Item Measurement
Maximum Capacity 136kg per wheel
Axle Size 16mm
Hub Depth 50mm
Wheel Size 254mm/10Inches
Wheel Type Pneumatic

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