Extra Side for Adjustable Double Sided Trolley

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For use with our Adjustable Double Sided Trolley range, these extra sides can add yet more utility to your trolley. Available in a range of sizes, these sides will fit any appropriately sized trolley from the ADST range, so is a great extra to add to your existing trolley, or to get as an extra for a brand new one. If your are planning to fit the side to an existing trolley, please check with the team to make sure it will fit.

These sides are also available in a range of styles and materials including Open style, Jailbar style, 18mm Weatherproof Ply Board, High Impact Polyurethane, Sheet Steel, and Aluminium Checkerplate.


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To Fit ADST Range
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Colour Standard Blue

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Product Code Material Size (length) Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-36-ADST-SP-O120 Open Side 1200mm £119.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-O150 Open Side 1500mm £144.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-O200 Open Side 2000mm £174.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-JB120 Jailbar Side 1200mm £144.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-JB150 Jailbar Side 1500mm £174.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-JB200 Jailbar Side 2000mm £219.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-PLY120 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 1200mm £154.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-PLY150 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 1500mm £189.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-PLY200 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 2000mm £229.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-PLS120 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 1200mm £214.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-PLS150 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 1500mm £269.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-PLS200 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 2000mm £324.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-S120 Steel Side 1200mm £214.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-S150 Steel Side 1500mm £269.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-S200 Steel Side 2000mm £324.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-ALY120 Aluminium Checkerplate Side 1200mm £214.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-ALY150 Aluminium Checkerplate Side 1500mm £269.00
HI-36-ADST-SP-ALY200 Aluminium Checkerplate Side 2000mm £324.00


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