Aluminium Keg Moving Sack Truck

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Product Details


This Aluminium Keg Moving Sack Truck has been designed for easy handling of kegs and supplies. Built into the back of the truck is a clawed hook designed to accommodate all standard sized kegs, locking them in place during transport. While this lightweight keg truck excels at moving kegs, its large footplate also makes it a great tool for moving sacks, boxes, and other bulky items. The curved back can safely accommodate cylindrical items such as barrels and gas bottles, making it a fantastic all round trolley.

Heavy Duty Modular Design

As part of our new Aluminium Sack Truck range, this Keg Truck features a number of easily interchangeable parts while still retaining an extremely sturdy and durable chassis. The handle height can be adjusted to suit your operators preferred working height, or to make the trolley either smaller for the sake of storing in delivery vehicles, or taller for more convenient when operating on stairs.

Puncture Proof Wheels

One of the most popular upgrades for our Sack Trucks are the Puncture Proof Wheels. Made using polyurethane blown foam, these wheels are filled with thousands of tiny air pockets, giving you an incredibly durable tyre that provides the same ride as a correctly inflated pneumatic castor.


 - Curved Back Frame for Single Keg

 - H Handle

 - 300x450mm/400x450mm Foot Plate

 - Puncture Proof/Pneumatic Wheels


Item Measurement
Capacity 250 kg
Overall Height 1124 mm
Overall Width 605 mm
Footplate Size Options 300mm 400mm
Footplate Width 450 mm
Wheel Diameter 254 mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

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Product Code Footplate Size Wheels Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-GTA-33H-PN 300mm x 450mm Footplate Pneumatic Wheels £184.00
HI-GTA-33H-PU 300mm x 450mm Footplate Puncture Proof Wheels £199.00
HI-GTA-34H-PN 400mm x 450mm Footplate Pneumatic Wheels £189.00
HI-GTA-34H-PU 400mm x 450mm Footplate Puncture Proof Wheels £204.00


Product Warranty

Handle-iT's Aluminium Keg Moving Sack Truck is supplied with a 3 Year Warranty

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