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Magliner 1010 Puncture Proof Wheel - Modular Aluminium Sack truck

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Aluminium Sack Trucks from Magliner, The 1010 Micro Cellular Polyurethane Foam Puncture Proof Wheel from Magliner with a sealed ball journal bearing on a steel hub in our opinion the best wheel in the sack truck market. The best rolling abilities, strength, and bearing means the best sack truck operation and less stress on the operators.  The Magliner Range of Sack Truck provide a lightweight construction with unrivalled build quality against other Aluminium Sack Trucks and barrows, the fully modular design reduces overall life cycle costs, while the choices available in design mean that you can provide a sack truck which is tailor made for the job and the operator. - The best place on the internet to buy Magliner 1010 Puncture Proof Wheel - Modular Aluminium Sack truck