Electric Stair Climbing Water Bottle Carrier

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Product Details


This truck has an electric motor that helps the user to ascend and descend stairs with a fraction of the effort required by a traditional unpowered sack truck. The aluminium frame is lightweight but also strong and durable, allowing it to support high volumes of water bottles with ease.

Specialist Water Carrier Design

This specialist model features a collapsible water bottle rack, allowing you to carry up to 6 full water bottles at once. Each shelf can be independently folded out the way to make room for boxes and other office supplies.

Electric Powered Motor

With this truck you can climb up to 100 floors before needing to put it back on charge due to its long-lasting battery life. There are two speed modes to this motor. This motor has a standard speed at 34 steps per minute and an Eco energy-saving speed at 24 steps per minute which helps the battery last longer by decelerating drain of the battery’s charge. The motor is protected with a water and dust proof cover to avoid any damages or breaks.


This stair climbing truck has a heavy-duty design with a high-powered motor which allows the capacity of the load to go up to 200kg and is stronger than the average stair climbing sack truck. The ridged footplate provides a sturdy and reliable platform to suit a range of loads.


Item Measurement
Capacity 200kg
Height 1590mm
Width 545mm
Toe Plate Length 400mm
Toe Plate Width 240mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic

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Product Code Title Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-XS2-200G-WBC-PN Default Title £2,495.00


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