Heavy Duty Sack Truck with 600mm Folding Toeplate

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Product Code: HI-11H-FFP-PN

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Heavy Duty Sack Truck with 600mm Folding Toeplate

Product Code: HI-11H-FFP-PN


This heavy duty sack truck features a large folding footplate and is part of our HI1890 Heavy Duty Sack Truck Range. Like all our 1890 sack trucks, the frame consists of three main parts, making it easy to swap out and replace parts if your requirements change, saving you from buying a whole new sack truck.

Supplied with a 600mm folding foot plate, which is lapped over the standard plate to provide additional strength. This truck is constructed from heavy duty 30 mm angle iron to give great strength. With the shorter foot plate this reduces the overall weight of the unit, allowing easier lifting on and off delivery vehicles. Supplied as standard with pneumatic tires and topped off with fully cased ball bearing to give a smooth ride and long life. You can upgrade the tires to polyurethane foam that will never puncture.

Item Measurement
Capacity 270KG (Folding plate 150KG)
Height 1220mm
Width 560mm
Toe Plate Length 250mm/220mm (600mm Folding)
Toe Plate Width 350mm/450mm (310mm Folding)
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

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