Magliner Aluminium Sack Truck with Stair Skids

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Aluminium Sack Trucks from Magliner, traditional styled sack truck with good old fashioned pistol grip handles that provide an ergonomic, natural feel. Fitted with a flat back and wide toe plate, you have the option to mount the truck on solid, pneumatic or puncture proof tyres. This truck is also fitted with C5 low friction polymer stair sliders to help negotiate stairs and curbs. The Magliner range of sack trucks provide a lightweight construction with unrivalled build quality. The modular design reduces overall life cycle costs, while the choices available in design mean that you can provide a sack truck which is tailor made for the job and the operator.

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Item Measurement
Capacity 227 kg
Overall Height 1260 mm
Overall Width 520 mm
Wheel Diameter 254 mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic / Polyurethane Puncture Proof
Toe Plate Length 190 mm / 350mm
Toe Plate Width 300 mm / 450mm


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Product Code Wheel Type Footplate Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-MS-116-H-1060-C5 Pneumatic Tyres 350mm x 300mm Type H Footplate £259.00
HI-MS-116-U-1060-C5 Pneumatic Tyres 190mm x 450mm Type U Footplate £254.00
HI-MS-116-H-1010-C5 Polyurethane Puncture Proof Tyres 350mm x 300mm Type H Footplate £299.00
HI-MS-116-U-1010-C5 Polyurethane Puncture Proof Tyres 190mm x 450mm Type U Footplate £294.00

Product Maintenance

Wheels and Castors PASS FAIL
Is the tyre tread condition good?
Are there any tears or cracks in the surface of the tyre?
Wheel Hub/Core
Are nuts & bolts on cores tight?
Are wheel cores in good condition without chips, dents, cracks or buckles?
If steel, is there any rust or corrosion?
Wheel Bearing
Is there any sign of rust on bearings?
Are the bearings straight into the hub?
Is there excess play in the bearing?
Do the wheels roll smoothly?
Are all foreign bodies removed from the bearings?
Pneumatic Tyres
Are the tyres fully all inflated equally and at the recommended tyre pressure?
Is there any wear on valves?
Are all valve caps in place?
Are there any bulges?
Axle Mounted
Are all end caps and split pins in place?
Is there lateral play on the wheels?
Are all foreign bodies removed from the axle?
Are there are any fractures on the axles?
Check there are any fractures on the axles supports?
Grips and Handles PASS FAIL
Is the handle rust fee?
Are there any cracks or visible damage to any welds?
Is there excessive play in the handle?
Is the handle free from any significant dents, or deep scratches?
Are there any bends in the handle not present at point of manufacture?
Are the grips fixed or tightly on the truck?
Is the any damage to the grips, splits or crack that may worsen over time?
If the grips have knuckle guards are they intact?
Are all the correct fixing all in place?
Are all the fixings rust free?
Is there any wear on the fixing holes?
Frame and Chassis PASS FAIL
Is the frame and chassis free from buckles?
Are there any dents, chips or tears in the frame?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins in place?
Toe Plate
Are there any fracture welds on the Foot Plate Or Toe Plate?
Are there any bends in the toe plate?
Are the welds where the toe plate meet the frame free from rust?
Are there any fractures of the welds where the toe plate meets the frame?
Is there excessive wear on the toe plate?


Product Warranty

Handle-iT's Magliner Aluminium Sack Truck with Stair Skids is supplied with a 12 Month Warranty

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