Medical Gas Bottle Storage Rack

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Medical Gas Bottle Storage Racks available to store from 1-8 bottles as standard. Storage of 1-4 bottles are wall mounted whereas 6 and 8 are floor secured. Fitted with heavy duty retention chains for additional security, each space is suitable for bottles up to a 380mm diameter. Great for hospitals and factories alike, and can be mounted directly into your storage area, inside gas bottle storage cages or kept mobile by mounting inside mesh secure stillages. These racks are made to order and can be adjusted to your requirements, please contact us for more details.


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Product Code Size Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-GBSR1 1 Bottle £174.00
HI-GBSR2 2 Bottles £209.00
HI-GBSR3 3 Bottles £254.00
HI-GBSR4 4 Bottles £299.00
HI-GBSR6 6 Bottles £364.00
HI-GBSR8 8 Bottles £434.00


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