Mesh Fronted Stillages

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We hold constant supplies of once used stillages with ply wood bases. These are constructed from heavy gauge 40mm angle iron for the base and uprights, with a very strong mesh infill. The front face of the stillage is totally removable to aid the loading of, or the picking from the stillages. A great all purpose addition to your storage solutions, they can be moved by either pallet truck or fork lift. They offer a fantastic solution to smaller companies that may be considering racking, as these produce the same effect but with a lot more flexibility. Use them to stack 500kg up to four levels high. Carry your older stock high in the air while your new stock can be picked at ground level. If you find that you are holding more than four stillages worth of stock, you can bstack the stillages side by side and back to front as a block stack, ensuring that there is no wasted space between them. this will ensure that you are maximising your space, while reducing you cost per item stored.

Item Measurement
Length 1220mm
Width 1180mm
Overall Height 1165mm
Internal Length 1070mm
Internal Width 1035mm
Internal Height 900mm
Capacity 500kg / 4 High Static - The best place on the internet to buy Mesh Fronted Stillages

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