Nylon Centre Castor Polyurethane Tyre

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The Nylon Centre Castor Polyurethane Tyre is suitable for a range of uses. While sharing the high strength of a nylon castor, the polyurethane tyre provides a slightly rubberised layer, giving the trolley a smoother ride quality with reduced sound. The polyurethane has non-marking properties, meaning it wont leave marks on clean polished floors. 

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Item Measurement
Item Measurement
Wheel Size 100mm/125mm/160mm/200mm
Tyre Type Polyurethane
Centre Type Nylon
Capacity Per Wheel 130kg/200kg/250kg/300kg


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Product Code Wheel Size Type Fixing Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-W-100-BPU-WP-SW 100mm Swivel Wheelplate (Full castor) £9.00
HI-W-125-BPU-WP-SW 125mm Swivel Wheelplate (Full castor) £12.50
HI-W-160-BPU-WP-SW 160mm Swivel Wheelplate (Full castor) £20.50
HI-W-200-BPU-WP-SW 200mm Swivel Wheelplate (Full castor) £29.50
HI-W-100-BPU-WP-BR 100mm Swivel with Brake Wheelplate (Full castor) £11.00
HI-W-125-BPU-WP-BR 125mm Swivel with Brake Wheelplate (Full castor) £14.50
HI-W-160-BPU-WP-BR 160mm Swivel with Brake Wheelplate (Full castor) £24.50
HI-W-200-BPU-WP-BR 200mm Swivel with Brake Wheelplate (Full castor) £33.50
HI-W-100-BPU-WP-FI 100mm Fixed Wheelplate (Full castor) £8.00
HI-W-125-BPU-WP-FI 125mm Fixed Wheelplate (Full castor) £11.50
HI-W-160-BPU-WP-FI 160mm Fixed Wheelplate (Full castor) £20.00
HI-W-200-BPU-WP-FI 200mm Fixed Wheelplate (Full castor) £29.00
HI-W-100-BPU-BH-SW 100mm Swivel Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £9.00
HI-W-125-BPU-BH-SW 125mm Swivel Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £12.50
HI-W-160-BPU-BH-SW 160mm Swivel Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £19.50
HI-W-200-BPU-BH-SW 200mm Swivel Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £29.00
HI-W-100-BPU-BH-BR 100mm Swivel with Brake Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £11.00
HI-W-125-BPU-BH-BR 125mm Swivel with Brake Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £14.50
HI-W-160-BPU-BH-BR 160mm Swivel with Brake Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £24.00
HI-W-200-BPU-BH-BR 200mm Swivel with Brake Bolt Hole(Full Castor) £35.50
HI-W-100-BPU-WO 100mm Wheel Only Wheel Only £7.00
HI-W-125-BPU-WO 125mm Wheel Only Wheel Only £9.50
HI-W-160-BPU-WO 160mm Wheel Only Wheel Only £14.00
HI-W-200-BPU-WO 200mm Wheel Only Wheel Only £23.00


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