Sheet Buggy

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Product Code: HI-TP41

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Sheet Buggy

Product Code: HI-TP41


Sheet buggy for moving sheets of wood, plasterboard, or any form of sheet or boards. The base can be rubber coated, to provide protection to the load. Available with solid or pneumatic wheels, the sheet balance buggy increases your productivity by moving more in a shorter amount of time with fewer members of staff, one man can move 4,5 or even 6 sheets in one go. This also leaves the skilled staff to do the job that they are trained for with the labourer feeding the work force. This tool is perfect for doors window, plaster boards, sheet metal, ply boards, or window profiles.

Item Measurement
Capacity 300KG
Length Base / Overall 1000mm / 2000mm
Width 550mm
Colour You Choose
Weight 22kg
Wheel Size 200mm
Wheel Type Solid

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