Three Position Convertible Sack Truck

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Three Position Convertible Sack Truck operates at the standard 90 degree position as any traditional sack barrow. It can also sit in a 45 degree position so the load is tilted without the operator having to hold the weight, relieving the operator from most of the effort involved in moving heavy and awkward bulky loads. Then finally drop into the trolley position so that loads of varying shapes and sizes can be moved on go. Often used my vending machine operators, many of our clients use it to move the machines followed by the stock to fill the machine. The perfect multi-purpose tool for moving all different kinds of bulky loads.


Item Measurement
Capacity 250 kg
Overall Height 1185 mm
Overall Width 550 mm
Footplate Depth 200 mm
Footplate Width 420 mm
Wheel Diameter 200 mm
Wheel Type Solid
Wheel Configuration 2 Wheels, 2 Swivel

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HI-ST55 Default Title £274.00


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