Warehouse Distribution Weighing Scale Trolley

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Warehouse Distribution Weighing Scale Trolleys are highly mobile portable digital weighing scales that have the added bonus of functioning like a regular flatbed trolley. Weigh scales are often used for picking and packing, dispatch, stock management, etc. however, making these scales mobile by mounting them on a trolley removes the risk of guess work and makes weighing on the go easy. 

This trolley is a perfect tool for a fulfilment house as it can give you the exact weight of a parcel to get the correct weight for couriers and avoid being overcharged. It's also a beneficial safety tool helping you determine if the load is a one person or two person lift based on the item weight.

Built to the normal sturdy Handle-iT Standards, this trolley is constructed from 5mm angle, making the frame extremely tough. The scale is mounted within the frame, and covered by a layer of aluminium checker plate sheet. The handle has a built in reader connected to the scales, letting you read the scales while pushing the trolley.

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Item Measurement
Capacity 300KG
Bed Length 1200mm
Bed Width 600mm
Bed Height 295mm
Castor Type Red Polyurethane On Nylon Centres
Wheel Size 125mm
Wheel Configuration 2 Swivel & 2 Swivel With Brake

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Product Code Title Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-36-WSPT-1260 Default Title £1,644.00


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