Weight Scale Trolleys for Drum Mixing

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Product Code: HI-36-WSPT-6565BC

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Weight Scale Trolleys for Drum Mixing

Product Code: HI-36-WSPT-6565BC


This Weight Scale Trolley for Drum Mixing is designed to be a mobile platform for drums and barrels that utilises an integrated electronic weighing scale. Constructed in the UK from high quality steel and given a premium quality powder-coat finish, the chassis of the trolley is built to be industrial and heavy duty, which is why we guarantee a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the chassis and a 12 Month Warranty on the electronics and wearing parts.

Originally designed for weighing ingredients before mixing, this trolley excels at providing a sturdy platform to move heavy drums with while removing the need for visiting a secondary location to weigh the contents. Removing the extra time taken as well as the need for double and triple handling equipment, this weigh scale trolley can help increase efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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Item Measurement
Capacity 300KG
Standard Diameter
577 mm
Castor Type Bonded PU Tyre Castor
Wheel Size 150mm
Wheel Configuration 2 Swivel & 2 Swivel With Brake

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