Airport Baggage Trailer with Canvas Sides

✓ توصيل مجاني إلى البر الرئيسي في المملكة المتحدة
✓ الشحن في جميع أنحاء العالم
✓ مجمعة بالكامل وجاهزة للاستخدام بدون تكلفة إضافية!
✓ صنع لطلب البند
✓ ضمان لمدة 12 شهرًا
✓ لتخصيص iT ، اتصل بفريق المبيعات اليوم!
  • كود المنتج: HI-ABT-006

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  • Ex. VAT: سعر عادي £9,674.00
  • Inc. VAT: سعر عادي £11,608.80

Product Details


Airport Baggage Trailer with Canvas Sides: built to stand the test of time. Here at Handle-iT we know anything used by the baggage handling teams at any airport needs to be designed and built to perfection. Transporting high volumes of cargo around site with ease and available in choices of NATO Spec towing eyes, ball hitches on pintle hitches, for a variety of towing vehicles. Just let us know what you need and we'll be able to meet any requirements.

Quick access curtain sides not only keep the load dry and the operation seamlessly fast, but also offer a great opportunity for branding or signage, visible to the passing travelling world. Solid end panels offer great areas for documentation and provide great structural support.

The trailer is mounted on a simple but effective turntable head chassis with extremely low maintenance requirements. With a fixed solid rear axle and a large reinforced front axle mounted on a turntable bearing head mechanism, the trailer is easy to steer while enabling a high load capacity. This steering mechanism also attaches to both the towing arm and the braking system.


Item Measurement
Capacity 2000KG
Bed Length 2500mm
Bed Width 1250mm
Frame  100mm Box Sections
Curtains 160gsm Tarpaulin
Wheels  400mm Diameter 100mm Tread Solid 
Breaking  Emergency/Parking Brake



Product Code Title Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-ABT-006 Default Title £8,794.00


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