Electric Load Assist System for XS2 Electric Stair Climbers

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Electric Load Assist Systems are extremely valuable for the operation of Extra Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Sack Trucks, allowing you to easily load goods onto the stair climber and eliminating the need for any manual lifting of loads. 

The ELS420 lifters can ONLY BE USED WITH THE 24V BATTERY FITTED TO THE CT420 STAIR CLIMBER. MUST NOT BE USED WITH THE 48V BATTERY ON THE REST OF OUR RANGE. If you do not have the XS2 24V Battery with your existing stair climber, please select the option containing one from the product options. 

Eliminate the need for Manual Lifting

These lifting feet operate by raising a large, bulky load from both sides using an electric motor. This allows a stair climber to be easily positioned underneath, and enables the moving of loads such as white goods or large industrial equipment safely and efficiently. 

Stair Climber Training

We are now offering on-site stair climber operation training for anywhere in the UK. To arrange training, please contact sales@handle-it.com, or call +44 (0)1803 875 222.


غرض قياس
Capacity 420 كغم
Overall Height 440 مم
Overall Width 350 مم
Lift Height 250mm
Unit Weight 9kg
Operating Voltage 24 V

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Product Code Set Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-XS2-ELS420 Lifters Only £495.00
HI-XS2-ELS420-B Lifters + 24V Battery £726.00
HI-XS2-ELS420-BC Lifters + 24V Battery + 24V Charger £799.00


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