15th Sep 2023

Festivals can be a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite music artists and share memorable experiences with your close friends or family. However, they also require a lot of preparation beforehand and it is incredibly important to know how you are going to carry the things you need.

With so many options when it comes to luggage carriers, many people have been asking; 'Can you take a suitcase to a festival?'.

A suitcase is a form of luggage with a handle and wheels designed to carry clothes and other belongings. They are most popular for those going on holidays because they keep items safe and can be moved easily around places like airports.

It is possible to use one to carry your belongings to a festival campsite, but we’d recommend other more suitable alternatives if you want a great experience.

What kind of bag do you take to a festival?

Opting to take your belongings in a suitcase can cause problems because roller suitcases don’t move well across uneven surfaces. However, devices like The Camp King Festival Trolley from Handle-iT are optimised to travel across different types of rough terrain common at festival sites due to its large BMX-style wheels.

While suitcases are normally designed for a sole purpose, The Camp King is multifunctional, meaning that once you have transported your belongings to where you’ll pitch a tent, it seamlessly transforms into a chair or bed. It can also save space because it can be easily flat-packed and stored as opposed to having to find room for a bulky suitcase.

Moreover, suitcases are less durable, while The Camp King can be used time and again for different reasons, including when you are moving house!

Of course, the design of a suitcase differs drastically from The Camp King too. While a suitcase usually encloses your belongings with zips, The Camp King has an open design, emulating a sack truck, with a large loading area where you can clearly see the items you are carrying. No more rummaging to the bottom to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Keen to make your festival camping experience memorable?

It can be difficult to know which luggage carrier to bring to a festival, especially if you are in a rush. Although suitcases have many advantages, there are also limitations with this type of luggage carrier in a festival setting.

So, why not try out The Camp King Festival Trolley to transport your items effortlessly to a festival?

As the only trolley designed solely for festivals, this handy tool takes the stress out of setting up for a camping festival.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding The Camp King, make sure to reach out to the professional team at Handle-iT via email or by dialling 01803 875 222.