13th Oct 2023

With many people across the UK looking forward to their next camping festival, one question they’ll ask is: ‘Can you bring alcohol into festivals?’

Can you take alcohol into a festival?

For those keen to plan their next camping festival and asking 'Can you bring alcohol to a festival?', it is important to note that the rules can vary.

For example, while the majority of camping festivals allow people to take alcohol into the festival for personal consumption, it is usually not permitted in the festival arena.

Given many festivals do allow alcohol into the campsite, you should study carefully their rules to see what is permitted (and what isn't).

If you are taking alcohol to your campsite, you should also keep in mind that most festivals don't allow glass because it can be dangerous. In those instances, you should make sure to bring alcohol in cans, for example.

If you are bringing alcohol to a camping festival, it is easier than ever to transport it safely with The Camp King Festival Trolley from Handle-iT.

With BMX-style wheels that have puncture-proof tyres, this handy device can easily facilitate the transportation of your alcohol over any terrain.

It also has a base that boasts three times the loading capacity of other folding festival carts, and up to five times the weight capacity, so there is still plenty of room for your other items.

How much alcohol can you bring into a festival?

If a camping festival does permit alcohol on the site, they usually do not let an unlimited amount be brought in.

Most festivals usually state they will only permit people to bring in enough alcohol for personal consumption.

This usually means they stop those people who want to bring in crates of alcohol.

Taking enough alcohol for personal consumption also means that you don't have to go back and forth several times to collect more!

Fortunately, even if you have parked a long distance away from the campsite, using The Camp King Festival Trolley should make the process of transporting your items stress-free.

Of course, there are always plenty of opportunities to buy alcohol at the festival. However, it can be much cheaper to bring in booze yourself, and there are also usually long queues that can be time consuming to stand in.

Bringing in your own alcohol will also mean that you don't have to walk to the bars, and can enjoy a cool alcoholic beverage without leaving your tent.

To make sure you’re fully prepared for your upcoming festival camping trip, and are equipped to move your favourite drinks from the car to the campsite, why not contact the expert team at Handle-iT via email or by calling 01803 424 150?