Corner Bumpers for Trolleys and Carts

15th Jan 2024

Our corner bumpers are a great way of not only protecting your new trolley but also your facility. Our range comes in various shapes, sizes and styles for different uses and different parts of our range. Some can be fitted retrospectively with relatively little work and with few tools. Much of our standard range of trolleys usually feature rounded corners in their design to lessen the damage from impacts on walls and ankles, but using these bumpers can help lessen the chance further damages. Using the correct materials, mainly polyurethane, means they wont even leave scuffs.

Standard Corner Bumpers

These standard non-marking polyurethane corner pads wrap around the corners of your trolley. They're simple but effective and will keep your trolley or your walls from any scruffs and scrapes. Perfect for schools and colleges where applications are less arduous and loads are lighter.

B-Fender Corner Bumper

Our B-FENDER bumper is a heavy-duty B extrusion polyurethane which is also a non marking material so will not scuff and mark the walls in the facility. Also great for lighter applications, schools, colleges, and hospitals. This bumper is standardly offered as a corner bumper, however, we are also able to offer the same as a full skirt bumper and cover the whole surround of the base. Hard wearing and cost-effective solution that does not need to be fabricated on to trolleys, so they can be delivered quickly with most stock products. Please check with your accounts manager whether these are possible on the product you need.

Doughnut Corner Bumpers

Our non-marking doughnut bumpers are only available as a factory fit at the point of design and order. These sit on fabricated posts into the corners of the trolley, strong and reliable with a very simple swap when they do need replacing. These bumpers provide a much larger clearance as they extend out from the trolleys further than the Standard Corner pad and B-Fender. This provides an even greater impact resistance and protects the wheels and the chassis of the trolley itself. Please check with your account manager to ensure the suitability of these bumper on your particular model.