24th Feb 2020

Do you need a shelf trolley to fit a specific sized box? Do you need a smaller base on a platform truck to fit in your office lift? Do you need a Dolly built to the exact size of a unit you move on a frequent basis? We have the facilities to manufacture any of our standard range of trolleys to almost any size you could ever need!

3000mm Turntable Trolley2500mm long platform trolley

Our standard trolley range are normally built up to 2000mm long as a standard product, but many can be made longer. To ensure strength, the longer trolleys use stronger steel, and have more structural supports than their smaller counterparts, and also often have upgraded wheels.

600mm x 400mm flatbed trolleySmall Service Trolley

While less common, for smaller trolleys we can simply reduce the size of the base of the trolley. To improve balance we will often also reduce the size of the wheels in order to reduce the centre of gravity and make the load more stable.

Powered Trolley with Gated Access CageLarge Custom Picking Trolley

While offering custom size options, we also offer a wide range of options, and if you have unique requirements for your trolley contact the sales team, as we can design and manufacture almost anything.