22nd Mar 2021

Moving long loads? Working in a busy environment or around the general population? Does your workspace have any inclines, requiring any trolleys to have brakes? This double sided trolley with Deadman brake system may be perfect for increasing your safety and efficiency on the job. The trolley is based on our classic ADST double sided trolley range, however this version has an in-built deadman brake system.

double sided deadman brake trolleydouble sided trolley with deadman brake system

The deadman brake works by linking the handle of the trolley to a heavy duty braking bar. In a resting position, the braking bar will push down onto the wheel with a brake, stopping the trolley from moving. As pressure is applied to the handle, the braking bar is levered upwards, releasing pressure on the wheel and allowing free movement of the trolley while the operator is holding the handle. As the handle is released, the braking bar will lever back down and put pressure on the wheel, locking it in place once more and ensuring the trolley will not move while the operator is away from the handle.

Looking for a double sided trolley with a deadman brake system? you can order online here!

deadman brake handle