23rd Sep 2020

Our new Folding Laundry Trolley is designed for use in a range of industries including hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes for easy storage and handling of dirty or soiled linen. With a 300 litre capacity, the trolley has no problem moving large volumes of linen, and the easily removable heavy-duty nylon laundry bag is easy to wash in order to maintain high levels of hygiene.

Dirty Linen Trolley

Another advantage of the trolley is its folding capability, allowing the whole trolley to fold up for easy and simple storage. This also enables the frames to partially stack together, so for larger businesses these can drastically reduce the need for storage space, reducing their size by up to 80%.

Folded Linen Trolley

The steel frame of the trolley is constructed with heavy duty steel and given a powder coat finish to prevent rust and marking. The trolleys castors are non-marking, and so removes any worry of leaving marks or scuffs on smooth floors commonly found with the cheaper furniture wheels found on other laundry trolleys. The castors also have easy rolling properties, allowing care-free and quiet mobility over level ground.

Commercial Linen Trolley


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