22nd Sep 2020

One of the most important parts of any sack truck is its wheels. Not only do the wheels support the entirety of the load as well as the self-weight of the sack truck, they're also constantly moving and rotating on the axle. With all this abuse the wheels are also the most likely to get damaged, so caring for your wheels is often critical for easy use and smooth rolling. Its fair to say you wont be going anywhere without them..

Getting The Right Tyre Pressure

To make sure your wheels are kept in good working condition, we recommend that tyre pressure is kept at the level often stated on the wheels. This pressure is commonly rated at 30psi, as with our standard 1890 Sack Truck wheels, but may vary based on the tyre.

The Dangers of Letting Down Tyres

You may think that running your sack truck with deflated tyres is a good idea, however this causes a number of issues, the biggest being the reduction in load capacity. If a tyre is deflated, the maximum safe load is reduced, and it may even cause warping of the tyre, shortening its working life.

Sack Truck Maintenance

We always recommend regularly performing maintenance on your sack truck in order to keep it in safe operating condition. In fact, we have a range of safety information available on our free safety downloads page. As for wheel maintenance however, tyre pressure is always at the top of the list for air-filled wheels.

Sack Truck Bearing

Puncture Proof Tyres

An alternative to pressurised tyres is Polyethylene Blown Foam tyres, which instead of an air-filled inner tube use a foam internal fill with hundreds of tiny bubbles to provide the same spongy feeling of an inflated pneumatic tyre. This kind of tyre often has the same capacity as air filled wheels as well as the same ride quality, however the blown foam cannot be punctured, and requires little to no maintenance. While they may be a little more expensive, these blown foam wheels can save a lot of time and money in the form of replacements due to punctures as well as time during maintenance.

Puncture Proof Wheels