1st Sep 2023

For those people flocking to festivals every year, it can be tempting to leave the campsite immediately once the event is finished and start your journey home, beating the traffic without having to pack everything away in a frantic rush.

In fact, it seems more people than ever are inclined to leave items such as tents behind.

In response to the question; ‘how many tents are left at festivals?, the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) estimates that 250,000 tents are left at music festivals across the UK each year.

One reason why people leave tents behind is because they have not much money on them and they believe they can only be used once. Another common justification for abandoning a tent is because of the damage inflicted on it during a festival, whether that is due to mud or parts of it getting broken accidentally.

What do festival organisers do with leftover tents?

Interestingly, many of those attending festivals falsely believe that the tents they leave behind are given to charity, and they may even think they are doing something positive. However, the majority of these abandoned tents go to landfill, which not only contributes to global waste because they cannot be recycled but also costs a lot of money to arrange for people to collect the tents. On a personal level, it can also be costly for you to leave a tent at a festival, especially if you attend more than one each summer.

How to carry everything like a pro at a festival

With the AIF on a mission to reduce the amount of tents that are left at UK music festivals, why not test out The Camp King Festival Trolley as a means to minimise waste and get the most out of your tent? For those who abandon tents because they are worried about carrying it, as well as their belongings, back to their car, The Camp King allows for seamless transportation of items over every type of terrain. With a large loading area that can handle more than an average folding cart, you will never have to worry about the stress of packing your tent away again.

Not only that, as the only trolley designed specifically for festivals, The Camp King is can be folded in a compact way for easy storage because it can be flat-packed. This means that those people who have bought merchandise and other items at the festival don't have to leave their tent or sacrifice any other belongings to make room in their car.

Ultimately, given the broader push in society to cut down on waste as well as prioritising sustainability, it is no longer acceptable to allow the abandonment of tents at festival sites.

If you feel guilty about leaving your tent at a festival, why not consider trying out The Camp King Festival Trolley?

For any questions about the product, be sure to contact the expert team at Handle-iT via email or on 01803 875222.