4th Aug 2023

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting and appealing parts of a festival is the idea of camping.

Whether you have been camping before, or it is your first time, carrying your items and pitching up your tent must be done with a minimum of fuss and effort so you can focus on having a brilliant time.

This is why it is essential to know how to carry everything to a festival.

Carrying everything to a festival

One of the main differences between having a positive festival camping experience or not is being prepared.

The best way to be ready is by packing all the essentials like a tent and any other relevant gear.

Once you have decided what you’re taking with you, you will need to think about how to carry your stuff to a festival.

It is also worth noting the types of items you take can make all the difference when it comes to carrying them.

Transporting a high number of bulky things can be arduous, demanding a lot of physical effort. Therefore, it is best to carry items that are lighter - and multifunctional too, if possible – to make your trip to the camp site far smoother.

With this in mind, why not try The Camp King? It’s a handy solution for moving a large amount of gear to a camp site.

With its puncture-proof wheels, this robust invention can navigate through even the roughest terrain with the base offering three times the loading capacity of other folding festival carts and up to five times the weight capacity.

Not only does it help carry everything to a festival, it can also be converted to a chair or a bed – minimising the need to take multiple heavy pieces of furniture with you.

Another tip to follow if you are trying to figure out how to carry stuff into a festival is to plan ahead.

Remember that before carrying all of your stuff to the camp site, it is important to consider where you are pitching your tent, as well as having a rough idea of what layout you are going to have.

You should also consider where you are parking your car so that it is as close as possible to the camp site, making your journey much more straightforward.

This will also make the process of packing away your stuff easier when the festival is over.

Of course, before you can sit back and enjoy your favourite music acts, it is vital you set up your tent and anything you need inside.

When making the journey to the spot where you are camping, remember to consider the terrain that you will be crossing as well as the weather. For example, it will be far more difficult to carry all of your stuff through mud than it would by walking on dry ground.

However, if the weather is hot, you may find yourself getting exhausted fast. This is why it is important to have a bottle of water packed in your rucksack where it is easily accessed to avoid dehydration.

Furthermore, if you are going as part of a group, make sure to designate tasks to those who are fit for them. For instance, if somebody has problems with their joints or regularly experiences back pain, it isn't a good idea to give the heavy lifting duties to them.

Instead, try to allocate the heaviest items to those who are physically fit and able to carry them.

Tired of struggling to carry items to a camp site?

If you have a festival camping trip planned soon, why not try out The Camp King Festival and Camping Trolley from Handle-iT – the only trolley designed specifically for festivals that minimises the stress of carrying your stuff to a campsite.

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