15th Mar 2021

New to our hospital trolley range is our freshly developed IV Drip Infusion Stand with Oxygen Cylinder Storage. Available with a few different options, the stand is designed to hold IV drips for use in hospitals. Additionally, the stand is also available with an oxygen cylinder rack, giving you quick access to oxygen canisters while saving space.

medical IV stand with oxygen cylinder rack

Because the stand is designed for medical use, it is also available with either an antibacterial paint finish or in 316 stainless steel, providing a sterile surface for environments where cleanliness is crucial.

stainless steel oxygen rack with IV drip pole

The easy rolling non-marking wheels are also silent running, and their small size means the base of the stand has as low a centre of gravity as possible. The plasma-cut base is also solid with a rounded edge, reducing trip hazards so common with regular legged stands.

Medical IV Stand wheels

The IV hooks are cut using the same CNC plasma cutting technique, providing a simple but sturdy hook for IV Drips. The pole is also adjustable, ensuring easy access for caregivers.

Hospital V Infusion Drip Stand adjustable height hook post

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