1st Mar 2021

With the urgent need for large scale testing in schools, we've got together a list of a few trolleys to help you store, manage, and distribute lateral flow test kits.

Test Kit Bulk Storage

For storing boxes, we recommend a good solid shelf trolley. Designed to fit standardised 400mm x 600mm storage boxes, our MFST shelf trolley uses a sturdy steel frame and is kept in stock ready for urgent delivery. Its tall frame allows you to maximise storage and minimise floor space in storage, and the wheeled frame allows quick and easy movement.

Shelf Trolley with Boxes View Test Kit Bulk Storage Trolleys Online HERE

Covid Test Distribution

Getting your tests from A to B may seem easy on paper, but for 1500 pupils it can become a logistical nightmare. There are a few options for quick distribution.

This small storage trolley is the same design as the MFST shelf trolley, but has a shorter frame, allowing you to clearly see when navigating through hallways.

Small Box Distribution Trolley View Lateral Flow Test Distribution Trolleys Online HERE

Need something more compact? Sack trucks are an excellent tool for quickly navigating more compact spaces, traversing rougher grounds, and loading in and out of vans.

Sack Truck with Boxes View Test Kit Distribution Sack Trucks Online HERE

Need guidance or more information on handling equipment to suit your needs? Call the team on 01803 875 222 or email sales@handle-it.com.