14th Feb 2019

Need to work out the best way to move around your gas bottles but don't know what you're looking for? This guide contains a number of different products that can suit your needs whether they're moving a high volume of large cylinders or moving a single tiny gas bottle around your workplace.

Ease of use

Drum & Cylinder Moving Sack TruckDrum & Cylinder Moving Sack Truck

Handling gas cylinders all day long? The Drum & Cylinder Moving Sack Truck may just be the trolley for you. With 4 wheels and an easy to use load/offload system, the drum and cylinder moving sack truck makes moving any cylindrical load easy. As they are made to order, they can also be made to the exact size of whatever you are planning on moving.

Heavy Duty

Gas Cylinder Trolley for 47kg Propane/LPG

Handling Gas Cylinders over rough or uneven ground and need something that can handle a beating? The Gas Cylinder Trolley for 47kg Propane/LPG might be exactly what you're looking for. With its sturdy frame and heavy duty tyres, this trolley can easily be used all day, every day. As one of the toughest models, the trolley also one of the safest. The cradle is designed to perfectly fit a standard 47kg cylinder, keeping it secure over any surface.


Multi Fuel Delivery Sack Truck

Need something you can use for more than just gas cylinders? The Multi Fuel Delivery Sack Truck may just be the sack truck you need. Part of the HI1890 range, this sack truck is designed to hold cylinders withing its curved back frame. If needed, the height and length of the chain can be modified to your requirements if you're looking to transport a specific size of canister.


Aluminium Oxygen Bottle Trolley

looking for something simple and lightweight? The Aluminium Oxygen Bottle Trolley could be the sack truck for you. Designed as a multi function sack truck, its purpose is for more than just gas bottles. Due to its aluminium frame it is extremely lightweight, making being loaded on and off lorries and being moved up and down stairs using its built-in stair skids incredibly easy.

Compact to Suit Small Loads

The Gas Bottle Sack Barrow

Need something small just to move a canister around the office? The Gas Bottle Sack Barrow may be the perfect tool for the job. It may be lightweight but don't be fooled. It's frame is made of sturdy steel and although it may not be as tough as its bigger brothers, this trolley can still handle it.

Cant find what you're looking for? try our Gas Bottle Sack Truck range here