15th Jun 2020

Handle-iT was born from a background of safety, and we have driven this ethos through our business and tried to help our customer through the HSE minefield along the way.

Powered Trolley with Full Surround Flashing BeaconsPowered Trolley with Front Facing Amber Flashing Safety Beacons

We are constantly addressing our product range to tweak some more safety features wherever possible, so we have added a few nice little touches to our powered trolley range over the past two years. The favourite of these upgrades has been our pulsating amber beacons for our customers.

Powered Trolley with Amber Flashing Beacons and Coca Cola Branded Cover

The all new integrated LED flashing beacon safety system can either be mounted as a two point pulsating beacon at the front of the trolley for where pedestrian traffic is high, or for where pedestrian traffic is working closely with other facilities traffic, forklifts, or even around the highways, four point pulsating beacons added with two point facing forward, and two point at the long sides. Even overhead pulsating beacons are available for working alongside the public in town centres or heavily pedestrianised area. This overhead beacon can be increased and decreased in height so that the warning signal can be seen head and shoulder above the crowds.

Power Trolley with Full Flashing Amber Safety Beacon KitPower Trolley Rear with Extending Overhead Flashing Amber Safety Beacon

Designed initially for use in hospitals, this safety system is a brilliant addition to any powered trolley going into a public environment and exceeds health and safety expectations.

If you're interested in trolley safety systems, or simply powered trolleys in general, be sure to check out our Power Trolley Range, our Powered Trolley Extras Page, or ask the team for more information here